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A corrective exercise specialist works to correct muscle imbalances to improve performance. When clients move better, they are going to be healthier, be in less pain, and be stronger. The program design includes a combination of mobility and stability exercises to create a good foundation for strength and power increases.

In identifying a postural discrepancy, it is possible that the practitioner has identified the imbalance as the catalyst of the recurring injury. It is not uncommon that the discrepancy itself was caused by a surgery or injury. Acute or chronic injury or surgical intervention of any kind will result in scar tissue, decreasing the elasticity of the soft tissue.

Conditioning is not just about strength and flexibility. Mobility is important as it’s the ability to move freely within the required range of motion. Mobility is also about elasticity, both the lengthening of soft tissue and the reflexive shortening of it. We aim to strike a balance in the things we do.