Over at Pain Relief Therapy, we believe in a holistic approach to your concerns and empowering our clients to help themselves out of pain by educating them on why they are in pain and how they could manage it.

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Health & Quality of Life

Rehabilitation and therapy are often associated with injury recovery. In reality, most of your bodies have been forced to adapt to natural and circumstantial stimulus over their lives. These adaptive changes can result from childhood falls, sports injuries, NS injuries, operations, sitting at your desk all day, mental & physical stress, and even natural growth during puberty. All of these have an impact on our overall health and often result in chronic pain, mobility problems and repetitive injuries. Unfortunately, our culture has adapted as well. We now merely accept pain as a natural part of aging process. Well, it’s not natural and you need not accept it. At PRT, we focus on the holistic way of rehabiltating your body from the ground floor up so you can achieve sustainable improvement in your quality of life and overall health.

The first step to our treatment plan is assessment and analysis of your entire body from posture, sleep patterns, eating habits, mental health, lifestyle to the health of your nervous system. Our mission is to uncover the root cause of your ailment, eliminate it and begin to rebuild the foundation of your physical and gut health. We will assist you in helping your body heal better, boosts strength, reduce inflammation and pain, increases mobility and improve your sleep. It’s a two way traffic and we are merely the facilitator, most work begins with you and that’s where the change starts. We empower you with knowledge and tools to make the change.