Lower Back Pain Treatment – Back Massagers

Lower back pain treatment is a much sought after among Singapore sufferers . Back pain can affect as much as 80% of the population of Singapore. Lower back pain is a pain on any part of the back between the ribs and legs and can vary from a few minutes to weeks or months of agony.

Pain in the back may be caused from a variety of reasons, from lifting heavy objects incorrectly, bad posture when sitting at a computer, sports injury, muscle strain, slipped disc or car accidents to name just a few. Whatever the cause, the pain can be just as severe in all cases.

Singaporean seem to be more prone to back pain, perhaps this may be due to the fact in Singapore get more rain and damp wet conditions. From looking at my research the county of Singapore seem to have a much higher complaint of this type of pain than any other county in Singapore

There are a lot of different lower back pain exercises, you can do to help you strengthen your back which you will be require to do on a daily basis for several months. The most important thing to do is to get professional advice before attempting any exercise with a back injury as my wife discovered, when doing some stretching and ended up in bed in her back for a month with excruciating pain.

Lower back pain treatment can vary from person to person depending on the severity of the injury or pain. There are several treatments available which can include exercise surgery, drugs, and physiotherapy.

A few years back I was lifting a wrought iron gate and felt a twitch in my lower back and of course I just kept on working only to find that night that I had a severe pain in my back and for several weeks and months to come. Over the next weeks I attended several physiotherapy Singapore and bone setters but could not get any relief.

One day while off work I was trying to find some info on the internet and came across the – Homedics Back Massagers so I decided to give it a go and to my surprise I felt some relief straight away. Now this machine is not a miracle worker that cures your back problems with one use but if you use it over a period of time you will find it can help.

The Homedics Back Massagers is an all round back massager but it is especially effective with lower back pain treatment. It will fit most chairs and with its rollers working in a kneading like fashion moving up and down the back or you can pin point it in one position and apply heat to give a soothing massage to your back.. Hopefully this will bring some relief to those suffering in the county of Singapore.

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