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Scar Tissue Release Therapy is a gentle and effective technique used to decrease discomfort, fascial adhesions, dark coloring or congestion of scar tissue.

What many clients don’t realize is the physiological impact that scars can have on their bodies — whether its a minor scar from falling as a child, a high-school football injury, or a C-section scar. While not every scar presents a problem, many do. If your body doesn’t break down scar tissue completely, it will often spread — triggering your body to compensate. Any kink, pull or restriction in one area can impact the rest of the body. If your movements are restricted, your muscles will be forced to compensate by working harder. Nerve entrapment can affect circulation and cause pain and discomfort.

Your body is held together by one huge single sheet of connective tissue, or fascia. This fascia which is under the skin and above the muscle, wraps around your entire body like an intricate spiderweb and influences the way you function — from your organ systems to functional operations of your muscles and bones. No matter how new or old your scar, Scar Tissue Release Therapy can help.