Active Rehab

Active Rehab is a combination of manual and movement therapy specially designed for the client. Maintenance is the key to living an abundance life! Move well, live well!

Manual Lymphatic Therapy

Having constant headaches / bloated / falling sick all the time? Your lymphatic system may not be optimal.

Sports Massage Therapy

A frequent gym enthusiast? Participating in the next marathon / spartan event? Do you know having a pre-event massage helps improve your performance and post-event would help your body recover faster? Regular maintanance will help prevent injuries.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is one of the world’s oldest medical systems and has accumulated an extensive bank of medical knowledge over two millennia of clinical practice.  It is a unique and independent medical system that remains vibrant and valuable in our modern age.  Promoting wellness as well as treating many acute and chronic conditions, it is successfully used alongside Western medicine throughout the world.

TCM does not treat specific diseases but identifies unique patterns of signs and symptoms that constitute a clear syndrome or pattern of imbalance.  In this system, the human body consists of 12 internal organs, all of which have their own specific function (e.g. the Liver regulates the smooth flow of Qi and emotions).  Each of these organs has a corresponding meridian through which energy (Qi) and blood flows. These meridians not only connect with their corresponding organs but also with meridians of other organs and different body parts.   A TCM consultation will therefore look holistically at a patient and the presentation of their symptoms.

Mental Health

Everyone needs a life coach, including Bill Gates. We have blind spots in life and the more clarity we have, we will lead an enriching and abundant life.

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