Over at Pain Relief Therapy, we believe in a holistic approach to your concerns and empowering our clients to help themselves out of pain by educating them on why they are in pain and how they could manage it.

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Cindy was so generous with her knowledge and tips on how to improve the small things for better health in the Long run. She accurately identified problem spots and made my leg feel much better! Do remember to wear loose clothing


Very informative session and accurate appraisal of postural problems. I love how the therapist gave me lots of takeaway tips to correct my posture at home, the actual treatment was interesting, much lighter touch than a normal massage, but my back felt great and more freed up after a quick 30 minute session.


Cindy is really just amazing, super great conversationalist and gave me a lot of insight into my injury and the art of sports therapy! will definitely be back


Cindy is really knowledgeable and took her time to explain how our musculoskeletal system works. Scapula feels a lot more mobile now – thanks so much for the session!