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Are you suffering from musculoskeletal pain that deeply affects your quality of life? Here at Pain Relief Therapy Center, we take pride in our work and services to offer complete and effective pain relief that lasts. We provide safe, non-invasive and drug free pain management therapy, taking in account your complete mental and physical welfare.

Our expert manual therapists tackle pain with the care and precision it deserves, delving deep in its intricate nature and multifactorial influences. Our founder, Cindy Tan has a therapy oriented approach which comes from her love to support, help and empower others in need. From personal life experiences, she learnt about pain therapy, management and rehabilitation and now offers the same services to her clients, primarily through soft tissue therapy.

Besides manual therapy, our methodology also includes movements to neurologically rewire the brain so that the client can lead a pain free life. No matter what the cause of your pain is, don’t let it take control of your life. Visit us today and let us help you build a better future for yourself, with good health and an all rounded wellbeing.

Pain Relief Therapy is Equipped with the Skills and Technology to Help You In the Following: 

Chronic Pain Relief

Functional Neurology

Detox and Wellness

What to Expect?

The key to a good therapy is openness and trust between the therapist and client. At pain relief therapy center, we make sure that you feel warmly welcomed and comfortable. We follow strict protocols and procedures to provide the best possible help throughout your pain relief process. Whether the pain you feel is simply due to a bad posture, hours of shopping and challenging friends to mahjong, or originating from a deep rooted emotional conflict and stress, we are here to help.

Through thorough assessment, we evaluate the nature and type of pain, and the main areas of tenderness. It helps with planning out a therapy plan and opting for the service that best suits your needs. Taking the history of pain is a serious matter. We leave no stone unturned as effective pain assessment is fundamental for the client’s care.

Services Offered

Here are the services offered at our Pain Relief Therapy Center:

Soft Tissue Releases

We use advanced therapeutic procedures to relieve the common soft tissue pains caused by imbalance or dysfunctional patterns of the musculoskeletal system. Our procedures are non-invasive and doesn’t involve the use of toxic pain medications. Read More

Manual Lymphatic Therapy

The gentle yet powerful lymphatic therapy is a manual, non-invasive technique. If you suffer from swelling and redness along with pain, this may be the ideal therapy for you. Read More

Corrective Exercises

In corrective exercises, we focus on mobility, tone and freedom of motion. The word corrective implies to muscular imbalances, poor performance and decreased muscle tone. Read More

Scar Tissue Release Therapy

Our potent and effective scar tissue release therapy is specifically designed for scar tissues that cause pain and decrease or complete loss of mobility. Read More

Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex (P-DTR)

We use P-DTR as an advanced therapeutic technique for the restoration of normal and adequate musculoskeletal functions. Read More


What others are saying:

Cindy is very patient and supports my recovery from multi angle approach

Currently I am approaching my third year post diagnosis of a critical condition, motor neuron disease.. while there is no cure medically, Cindy guides me to maintain and improve my condition

She helps reduce the muscle stiffness, and guides me on my diet and other alternatives method. Highly recommend Pain Relief Therapy if u r looking for a practitioner who will support u all the way towards ur health goals

Deborah Wong 

My son had acute pain in his intercostal muscle area. Checked around including pain specialist doctor. Finally settled on Cindy who helped relieve his muscles after a few sessions. Saved me thousands of dollars!! I’d recommend Cindy for her professionalism!!

Tan Wang Leng

I had a really good experience with Cindy who assessed my pain and within just one session was able to help relieve some of the tension I was feeling around my knee and anckle . No one else had really paid too much attention to my scar tissue before and Cindy realised that it was causing some restrictions and was able to address that. I’ll continue with this type of therapy and I’m really pleased that I saw Cindy from a reccomendation.

Algie Salmon Fattahian

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