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At Pain Relief Therapy (PRT), we believe that the brain (CNS) and gut health has a part to play in improving overall general health, improves immunity, and pain management. Stress and emotional conflict if left unmanaged for a long period of time, may lead to chronic pain and illness.

With Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex (PDTR), Manual Lymphatic Therapy Vodder (MLDV) and Myoskeletal Alignment Technique (MAT), we are able to combine the art and science of assisting your body to heal naturally.

Short-term relief/solutions are but only the beginning of a treatment process. We place the highest value on hands-on and active-care approach because of the mind and body’s ability to truly move the dial in a positive direction.

Our approach improves the way you move, think and function. PRT believes in an integrative approach, and working together with us are physiotherapists, TCM doctors, chiropractors, life coaches, Nlp coaches, fitness coaches, pilates/yoga instructors, and enzyme therapists.